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      【Technical Questions and Answers】


      One. What is the full name of shaded pole motor?  

      1. The full Chinese name is: single-phase shaded pole asynchronous motor.  

      2. The full name in English: Single-phase shaded-pole asynchronous motor; therefore, it is also called SP-motor abroad.  

      two. What does "shaded pole" mean in a shaded pole motor?  

      1. Shaded pole motor is a single-phase motor.  

      2. Strictly speaking, the magnetic field generated by the main winding of a single-phase motor is a pulsating magnetic field instead of a rotating magnetic field, and there is no starting torque; that is, the motor will not rotate by itself after being energized. However, an external force in a certain direction can be applied to start, and the direction of rotation is consistent with the direction of the external force.  

      3. In order to obtain the starting torque, in addition to the essential main winding, many single-phase motors also add a one-phase auxiliary winding, which becomes a "two-phase" motor in the actual sense.  

      4. There is a certain phase difference between the magnetic field generated by the secondary winding and the magnetic field of the main winding. After the two interact, a circular or elliptical rotating magnetic field is formed, thereby generating a starting torque to drive the motor to rotate. 

      5. The secondary winding of the shaded pole motor is a shaded pole ring (also called a short-circuit ring or a copper ring); it generates another shaded pole magnetic field with a phase difference with the main magnetic field by covering a small part of the main pole magnetic field; After the interaction, an elliptical rotating magnetic field is formed. The "shaded pole" motor got its name from this.  

      Third, the principle of shaded pole motor   

          Shaded Pole Motor (Shaded Pole Motor) is the simplest type of single-phase AC motors, usually using cage-shaped chute cast aluminum rotor. It is divided into salient pole type shaded pole motor and hidden pole type shaded pole motor according to the different shape and structure of the stator.  

          The stator core of the hidden pole shaded pole motor is the same as that of the ordinary single-phase motor. Its stator winding adopts distributed winding, and the main winding is distributed in the stator slot. The shaded pole winding does not need to short-circuit the copper ring, but is wound with thicker enameled wire Distributed windings (short-circuit automatically after being connected in series) are embedded in the stator slots (about 1/3 of the total number of slots) and act as an auxiliary group. The main winding and the shaded pole winding are spaced at a certain angle. When the main winding of the shaded pole motor is energized, the shaded pole winding will also generate an induced current, which causes the magnetic flux of the part of the stator pole covered by the shaded pole winding and the uncovered part to rotate in the direction of the covered part.

      Fourth, the characteristics of shaded pole motors  

      1. Reasonable structure design, flexible lead-out direction, the terminal box of the shaded pole motor can be rotated and installed   

      2. Superior shaded pole motor performance, low noise, low vibration, high-performance protection level  

      3. Numerous choices to meet the needs of various users to install thermistor   

      4. Optimized design, with high efficiency, can produce considerable energy saving effect  

      5. Add various requirements such as dust-proof sealing ring, oil-proof sealing ring, oil injection, special shaft, special flange, etc.

      Five, the control principle and characteristics of mechanical timers  

      1. It is a key component of the electric fan, which can make the electric fan run within the specified time limit, and automatically cut off the power and stop operation when the time limit is reached.  

      2. Performance characteristics: low noise, accurate timing, long service life, reliable work, safety and stability, etc. [Purchase Guide]   

          Our company vigorously introduces advanced technology and professional talents, and at the same time continuously expands the investment in technological transformation, adding several sets of advanced domestic and foreign punching dies, punching equipment, efficient assembly production lines and sophisticated testing equipment. Specializing in the production of shaded pole motors, cross flow fans and precision mechanical timers, we are willing to become an OEM base for merchants all over the world.  

          The shaded pole motors produced by our company have a complete variety, the most specifications, and the trial production cycle. They are widely used in refrigerators, freezers, heaters, air cleaners, humidifiers, exhaust fans, ovens, dehumidifiers, power tools, disinfection cabinets, and dishwashing Machine, swing machine, massage footbath, massager, towel kneading machine, western kitchen equipment, game console, air pump, water pump, automatic pet feeding machine, microwave oven, induction cooker, electronic oven, freezer, food display cabinet, household central air conditioner System secondary air supply, air conditioning condensate drainage system, ceiling-mounted air conditioner, humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier, dishwasher, audio-visual projector, small water pump, household and industrial heater and medical oscillator, etc.DFJ series timers are widely used in electric fans, heaters, clothes dryers and various sports equipment.Washing machine series timers are mainly used in various double-tub washing machines, mini single-tub washing machines and dehydrators.

      【Customized design】   

          The company can provide customers with customized design or reshaping services according to customer requirements, generally within the scope of existing product series.    

          First of all, we formulate a design plan according to the customer's product application, technical parameters and various certification requirements, and together select the most suitable plan to achieve the specified performance. Our aim is to deliver the most suitable technical requirements and the most economical products to customers.    

          After full communication in the first stage, we will submit a complete set of design plans to customers, including drawings, performance data, testing data, development cycle, development costs, product prices, etc.After all the information is submitted to the customer and confirmed, we will start to make the prototype. The company has advanced equipment and a professional design team to cooperate with rapid prototype production. According to different situations, the entire production process takes about one to three weeks. After the prototype is tested in the laboratory, we will hand over the test report to the customer for analysis. Next, review the design and make a second prototype.    

          After receiving the customer's approval of the prototype, we will document the finalized design and incorporate it into the company's ERP management system. According to the requirements of the order, carry out task decomposition to ensure the smooth progress of mass production.

      【Practical knowledge】


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