• Optically senses your hand and finger gestures
  • Play action games or musical instruments
  • Wrist worn mouse capabilities
  • No pressure button of light 
  • No touch no germ interface
  • Light reaches up to touch fingers
  • Space controller with no-recoil 
  • Intrinsically safe no-spark tech

what can this tech do  ?

"You gotta show this to Peter Gabriel, he loves this kinda stuff "Bill Joy
"This is more sensitive than other things I've tried." Peter Gabriel

                    VONAGE & ZULA PIONEER

“I believe yours will have the
biggest and longest impact."
Consumer Electronics i-Stage
​technology springboard event 

        technology featured on
​         CNBC's "the Big Idea" and                   won international Awards

​Optical watch uses light scanning technology to read hand and finger motion.   Imagine interfacing with your electronics without touching anything... but light.

Easy for those with hand mobility issues from injury or from playing video games or too much mouse use.

Can also reduce hospital infections and germs that are transmitted by limiting touching interfaces.

Intellectual property: Four US patents and several foreign patents for accessing the global marketplace.